Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hairstyles by zodiac sign

Did you ever wonder why cool hairstyle do not suit you? Answer is simple: hairstyle that you made does not suit your zodiac sign! =) Let's see what hairstyle suits what zodiac sign:
Earth signs: 

Horoscope says that taurus is most down to earth sign from all earth signs. Your hair should be middle lenght. It does not matter how you do you hair, but they should lay loose. Everything in this hairstyle should be natural! No any chemicals on hair!


Capricorns are also very down to earth creatures. If you want capricorn's hairstyle you should not spend big money to hair. Capricorn man suits head without hair=) So man should be bold. Woman capricorn LoVeS HATS!=) Well, not only hats, but any kind of head accessories! So add to taurus hairstyle hat and you are capricorn!


Virgo is very different from other earth signs! Maybe because she is woman and not animal!=D Virgo loves to mask her beauty behind artificial beauty. Virgo woman loves wigs, linings and everything but her natural hair!

Air Signs:

Gemini is most airy sign from all air signs. Gemini loves chemical! If you want Gemini's doo you should chemically curl your hair or/and colour you hair. Real gemini look is very light blond, curly and very light like air hair.


Libra loves classical hairstyles, the sign of elitism. Lush but strict hairstyles for everyday suits libra. Elegantly arranged on the head women's hair creates a feeling of some unavailablity of this woman. Classics in clothes and hair allows the individual to communicate only with people from his circle.


Aquarius is only zodiac sign in horoscope that does not concretly his own hairstyle that suits only aquarius. The main characteristic here is extravagance, but popularity of hairstyle is very important also. Aquarius is somewhat ahead of time and by recognizing the internal needs of the people, generates creative tendencies in fashion and hairstyle.

Water signs:

This zodiac sign loves straight bob hairstyle. A favorite style of medieval Crusaders. Cancer is very sensitive, touchy and romantic person. Maybe that's why many cancers are believers, for them family and faith are very important.


This zodiac sign symbolizes the world harmony. Real Pisces hairstyles cares with them huge space sense. This is any type of spit, braid or pigtails, where twisted hair symbolize the merger of different forces of the universe into a one.


Hairstyles of this star sign are without wondering: vamp style! Scorpios love long, straight, smooth and shiny like water itself. If scorpios hair is short, it adds fire in water and man starts to notice this girl.

Fire signs:

 Aries suits short hair because it makes person dynamical! If you want changes in your life you should choose aries style. The longer hair you have, the longer you have to wait for changes in your life. Aries hairstyle provides many changes in life in short time!


Sagittarius doesn't like rigour, both in behavior and clothing and at the same time avoids extravagance.
 Sagittarius's hairstyle describes the best look of Goddess Athene! Short hair on front and long horse's tail on back. Sagittaiurs's planet is Jupiter and Jupiter is God of all Godds in Rome's mythology. So Zeus's style suits sagittarius men.


 Leo is very egoistic by nature, but also very friendly, warm and always in the spotlight! If you want to know what hairstyle suits leo, you should look at the animal leo! ROAR!!!


  1. this was so stupid

  2. Who are the Libra and Scorpio women?

    1. Libra woman is famous Loreal and Victoria's Secret model Barbara Palvin.
      Scorpio woman is tv actress Alexandria Deberry :)

  3. Thank you for the reply! Knew who everyone else was but them.